Did you know, that October is National Women’s Small Business Month? If you didn't don't feel bad, many others didn't either.

Our research found that women-owned businesses are increasingly serving as a financial support system for our nation’s economic growth. Within a five-year period, business ownership for women rose 27.5 percent during a time when the nation’s employment fell by 3.8 million. However, despite such promising increases in business inception, this niche community still struggles to develop and nurture profitable businesses past the three-year threshold partially due to the inaccessibility of capital and additional resources needed to scale a business. These stats lite a fire for us. So much so that we decided to do something about it! 

On Thursday, October 27, 2016, we launched our inaugural “She Said. She Led. She Is...” initiative to provide an exclusive community of women who have been in business three or more years with concrete, implementable solutions to counteract the ambiguities plaguing their business community. Some 120 women business owners attended the “She Said. She Led. She Is…” dinner event, to engage in an authentic conversation about building sustainable businesses and breaking through business barriers, such as lack of access to capital and developing a team.

As a result of our efforts, strategic alliances were formed, joint venture partnerships were made, contracts were awarded, and lasting bonds were established.


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